Physician Assistant Billing And Reimbursement

Medical billing services for orthopedic surgeons

Medical Billing Process

Medical Billing Process The Medical Billing Process is comprised of numerous financial complexities that can make or break the cash flow management and balance billing for claims reimbursement of a medical practice in the medical billing claim process. Whether it be processing medical claims or understanding balance billing, incident to billing for physician assistants, or […]

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Physician assistant billing the medical billing specialists at medical bill gurus specialize in capturing all medical billing revenue for your organization. A majority of all practicing medical professionals in the state of texas are unaware of the millions of dollars in revenue leakage, and recoverable contract underpayments that insurance companies are knowingly withholding, failing to comply with senate bill 418 prompt pay legislation. Looking at the reimbursement practices in the healthcare industry, insurance companies have adopted a practice of slowly processing and underpaying medical providers, resulting in short-payments to medical providers, costing them millions of dollars in lost revenue and contractual underpayments. As medical providers are at a significant disadvantage in contractual negotiations with insurance companies, medical providers are often left to clasp any revenue they can recover, as insurance companies deploy a “take it or leave it” approach with non-compliant managed care discounts and contract compliance.

Medical Billing Specialists

Medical Billing Specialists Without medical billing specialists on staff and the right medical reimbursement systems in place, medical practices of all sizes can struggle in maintaining consistent profits. This is especially true whenever there are deficiencies within the medical billing and coding systems that these offices use. At Medical Bill Gurus, our medical billing specialists

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To address the lack of physician assistant (pa) revenue in our clients’ practices, the physician assistant outsourced billing service was implemented to prepare, submit, and audit all physician assistant (pa) services, freeing the client’s billing and office staff of tedious detailed work lined with managing the physician assistant (pa) book of business, and producing profits from revenue previously abandoned.

Physician Assistant Billing and Reimbursements

Physician Assistant Billing and Reimbursements In a rapidly shifting healthcare environment constantly adjusting to meet healthcare reform requirements, a thorough understanding of the physician assistant billing guidelines and physician assistant reimbursement rates of public and private payers is fundamental for broadening the revenue generated from billing physician assistant services for medical practices, as well as

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