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About Daniel Lynch

Daniel is originally from Florida and current lives in Denver, CO with his wife Abbey Lynch. Daniel received his bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida. Daniel initially started his career as a structural engineer in the utilities industry & eventually parted ways to help educate engineers for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam at Prepineer. Daniel Lynch is the co-founder & Director of Operations at Prepineer, an engineering education platform specializing in STEM Education to help college students and engineers prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (F.E.). Daniel received his bachelors in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida, & is a licensed Engineer In Training (E.I.T.) in the state of Florida. Before joining Prepineer, Daniel worked in the utilities industry as a structural engineer at Burns & McDonnell, Metso Power, and Progress Energy, where he specialized in the design and construction of concrete and steel structures. Experiencing the pitfalls of the healthcare system, Daniel developed a wealth of knowledge in the health care billing & collections industries, enabling him to make sense of the pitfalls in our healthcare system, and work on behalf of consumers to alleviate the financial burden of medically necessary treatment. Thus, Medical Bill Gurus was born. Medical Bill Gurus primary mission statement is "Empathy First, Business Second", putting an emphasize on the affordability and access to quality healthcare in a shift healthcare environment, constantly adjusting to meet healthcare reform requirements. At Medical Bill Gurus, we pioneer strategic business model solutions for medical providers that are looking to utilize a physician assistant outsourced billing service, providing physician assistant billing, retrospective auditing, & other medical billing services to medical providers to serve as a “Supplemental Collection Policy” to ensure that every account is audited and paid accordingly.

What is Crohn’s Disease?

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What is Crohn’s Disease? So, after a long battle of fighting what seemed to be an eternity of digestive issues, you have finally been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. While it might not be the news you were hoping for, such as a treatable one-time virus, at least you have some answers. But, perhaps [...]


Physician Assistant Billing | Physician Assistant Reimbursement

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Physician Assistant Billing & Reimbursement Solutions In a rapidly shifting healthcare environment constantly adjusting to meet healthcare reform requirements, a thorough understanding of the physician assistant billing guidelines and physician assistant reimbursement rates of public and private payers is fundamental for broadening the revenue generated from billing physician assistant [...]