Born in Sunrise, Florida, and now calling St. Petersburg, FL home, Daniel Lynch is driven by a profound sense of empathy, largely stemming from his family’s personal battle with chronic illness. The financial hardships they endured while managing his sister’s chronic condition propelled Daniel into a career dedicated to alleviating such burdens for others.

His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida in 2013. Following a stint as a structural engineer in the utilities industry, Daniel transitioned into digital marketing and full-stack development. His knack for leveraging technology to solve complex problems found a noble purpose – to navigate the intricate world of medical billing.

Daniel co-founded Medical Bill Gurus with a vision to redefine medical billing in healthcare. The company emerged as a beacon of hope for patients and healthcare professionals nationwide, offering a strategic approach to handle medical billing errors, underpayments, and the obscured costs of healthcare. With a mission to make medical billing less tedious and more transparent, Medical Bill Gurus strives daily to align insurance reimbursements with patient care, ensuring a collaborative and results-driven environment for all parties involved.

Daniel lynch colorado tick-borne disease awareness association medical bill gurus
Daniel Lynch travels around the country speaking to patients.
Medical bill gurus owner daniel lynch
Daniel Lynch at the LivLyme Summit in Colorado

Medical Billing & Patient Advocacy

Daniel is an avid advocate for patients’ rights. He actively engages with patients and medical professionals around the globe, sharing his expertise to help them combat the financial intricacies of a broken healthcare system. His dedication also shines through his public speaking engagements across the country, where he spreads awareness about medical billing rights and educates individuals on optimizing their insurance benefits, especially in the realm of chronic illnesses like Lyme disease.

Daniel’s story, his entrepreneurial journey, and his unyielding commitment to helping others navigate the healthcare financial maze continues to inspire many. His aim is simple yet impactful - to ensure no one has to face the financial adversities his family went through, and to pave a smoother path for both patients and healthcare providers in the ever-evolving landscape of medical billing.

Contact Daniel and the Medical Bill Gurus team today to discover how they can assist you in your medical billing needs and be your ally in the healthcare journey.


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