Physician assistant billing the medical billing specialists at medical bill gurus specialize in capturing all medical billing revenue for your organization. A majority of all practicing medical professionals in the state of texas are unaware of the millions of dollars in revenue leakage, and recoverable contract underpayments that insurance companies are knowingly withholding, failing to comply with senate bill 418 prompt pay legislation. Looking at the reimbursement practices in the healthcare industry, insurance companies have adopted a practice of slowly processing and underpaying medical providers, resulting in short-payments to medical providers, costing them millions of dollars in lost revenue and contractual underpayments. As medical providers are at a significant disadvantage in contractual negotiations with insurance companies, medical providers are often left to clasp any revenue they can recover, as insurance companies deploy a “take it or leave it” approach with non-compliant managed care discounts and contract compliance.

Medical Billing Specialists

Without medical billing specialists on staff and the right medical reimbursement systems in place, medical practices of all sizes can struggle in maintaining consistent profits. This is especially true whenever there are deficiencies within the medical billing and coding systems that these offices use.

At Medical Bill Gurus, our medical billing specialists offer third party solutions to address and identify healthcare underpayments, claim denial issues, and provide streamlined resolutions to tackle revenue leakage and forsaken profits of medical organizations.

All businesses have the need and right to receive timely payments for services rendered to patients.

While many companies in other industries get paid on the spot, the healthcare industry is another story entirely.

Delayed payments can place a considerable amount of financial stress on medical practices of all sizes, whose staff simply cannot afford to wait on medical billing revenue they are entitled to within a defined time period per prompt pay laws.

Unfortunately, many of these medical organizations do not have sufficient resources and experience on hand for coding and submitting requests for payments on a regular basis.

Moreover, most growing practices simply cannot justify the overhead costs of hiring their own full-time, in-house billing specialists, particularly in comparison to third party services.

The good news is that there’s an increasing trend in outsourcing these responsibilities, and many practices have hired a third-party medical billing specialist with impressive results.

If you are looking for a third party medical billing option, look no further than the medical billing specialists at Medical Bill Gurus!

At Medical Bill Gurus, we pioneer strategic business model solutions to medical providers with the aspiration of recuperating lost profits and engineering new revenue streams.

Medical Bill Gurus understands the tactics that insurance companies employ to underpay medical providers, knowing that the average medical practice does not have the resources to dedicate to identifying and recovering healthcare underpayments due to non-compliant managed care discounts and incorrect applications of benefits.

Our medical billing specialists will integrate seamlessly with your staff, and eliminate the burden of overhead expenses such as hardware and software, employee benefits, and the opportunity cost of allocating resources to patient experience concerns you cannot outsource to third parties.

The experts at Medical Bill Gurus are adept to physician insurance billing, handling tactics insurance companies commonly deploy such as non-compliant managed care discounts, contractual underpayments, and wrongful claim denials.

With the dynamic landscape of healthcare reform, medical providers need to focus on providing patient care, and simply do not have the time or resources to handles all steps of the medical billing process and claims denial management, resulting in insurance companies taking advantage of contractual underpayments, short-payments, and silent PPO abuse.

Medical organizations today require a trusted partner in the lifeblood of their organization, which is the medical billing and processing of medical claims on behalf of providers, providing contract compliance, contract enforcement, and contract underpayment recovery.

Payers understand that few organizations have the staff, time, or resources required to routinely cross reference explanations of benefits and payment data, against a patient’s insurance benefits and the group’s managed care contracted rates.

Our service is comparable to a “Supplemental Insurance Billing Policy” applicable to your front-end billing staff.

Operating on a contingency basis, we win when you win, such that there is no fee unless we successfully collect from the insurance payers.

Medical Bill Gurus provides all services for medical providers in all 50 states on a contingency basis, such that there are no hidden fees, expensive consulting costs, steep software to buy, or upfront fees to get started.

All insurance payments are paid directly to clients, such that Medical Bill Gurus acts as third party, and simply invoices a service fee on the profits recovered for your organization.

If you are looking for an exponential return on PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT BILLING and utilize our FORENSIC REVENUE AUDITING services for your medical organization, take action today and setup a FREE MEDICAL BILLING REVENUE EVALUATION for your practice with the experts at Medical Bill Gurus.

Our comprehensive services are designed to maximize your profit while minimizing your costs. Let us take the stress out of your billing cycle.

To learn more and receive an instant quote, please call our physician advocacy representative at 1-800-674-7836.

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