Redefining Medical Billing To Move Healthcare Forward

The experts at Medical Bill Gurus are dedicated to innovative solutions for any medical billing scenario.

Our patient advocates are available to help reduce medical bills and assist patients with navigate a dynamic health landscape.

Our team of certified medical billing experts is available to help providers with any medical billing scenario.

Medical Bill Gurus is dedicated to partnering with community organizations and helping raise awareness on behalf patients.


With empathy at the forefront of our daily mission, Medical Bill Gurus is dedicated to being in the trenches with patients and raise awareness for the daily challenges facing them. From medical billing errors to raising awareness for their diagnosis, Medical Bill Gurus takes pride in speaking with patients everyday and helping them find guidance on how to navigate our broken healthcare system. 

Our Medical Billing Services

Medical Bill Advocacy

8/10 medical bills have errors, we will audit your bills for errors as well as identify any incorrect insurance denials to negotiate a discount on your behalf.

Medical Billing For Providers

Our team of medical coding specialists will perform all claim submissions, verify diagnosis CPT codes, and all coding tasks.

Out Of Network Insurance Billing

Networks are diminishing, we will help prepare and submit claims for any service received at out of network providers.

Revenue Cycle Management

With our revenue cycle management services, we can take care of your practice’s coding, denials & various practice needs.

Medical Tourism

We will help patients evaluate every aspect of their medical stay while abroad, and identify what aspects of their care are billable.

Physician Assistant Billing

We pioneer strategic business model solutions for providers looking to increase physician assistant reimbursements.

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