Patient Advocacy Services For Coronavirus Patients

Patient Advocacy Services For Coronavirus Patients

Our team of medical billing advocates will review your medical bills as a result of coronavirus treatment and determine the best strategy to financially benefit or ease your burden from coronavirus treatment. As patients receive treatment for coronavirus, our patient advocates are here to help navigate the system as the middle man between coronavirus patients, medical providers, and insurance companies. 

Medical Bill Advocacy

8/10 medical bills have errors, we will audit your bills for errors as well as identify any incorrect insurance denials.

Hospital Bill Negotiation

Hospital bills can be astronomical, we will evaluate your bills and determine what your options are for negotiation or a payment plan.

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Out Of Network Billing

Networks are diminishing, we will help prepare and submit claims for any service received at out of network providers.

Medical Tourism

We will help patients evaluate every aspect of their medical stay while abroad, and identify what aspects of their care are billable.


The patient advocates at Medical Bill Gurus have decades of experience advocating on behalf of patients and engineering medical billing solutions to the financial problems facing patients on a daily basis.


Our team of patient advocates and medical billing experts have 20+ years of experience helping patients of all backgrounds. As coronavirus is an emerging issue, we are actively monitoring the healthcare landscape.


There is no fee unless you have a successful outcome from our patient advocacy services and save money on your medical bills associated with coronavirus treatment.


Our secret sauce is 20+ years of patient advocacy experience in getting results for patients just like you.

How The Process Works

Medical bills can be confusing, needlessly expensive, and sometimes downright incorrect. Our team of experts will review your bills so you don’t pay more than you have to. The process is simple and completely risk free. With a signed HIPAA release along with copies of the medical bill information, our medical billing experts will put together a custom strategy to advocate for reimbursements and negotiations on your behalf.

Step 1:


Sign up using the form on the site or give us a call for a free no obligation case evaluation to determine if you qualify for our services. We will look at your medical bills and insurance policy coverage, free of charge with no upfront fees.

Step 2:


The next step for us is to collect as much information as we can about your medical bills and insurance policy. Once you submit the form, you will get an automated email with our paperwork and information on submitting your medical bills.

Step 3:


Our team will evaluate the your case and insurance coverage to put together a custom strategy for submitting claims or negotiating a discount on your behalf. For self-pay claims, you would need to have a private PPO insurance policy. 

Step 4:

Claim Preparation

Once our insurance experts have everything we need, we will start processing your billing and calling the insurance company. It typically takes 3-4 weeks four team to process your bills or negotiate a discount on your behalf.

Step 5:

Follow Up / Appeal

If we are successful, you should receive a check directly from the insurance company within 60-90 days. We can not guarantee anything other than we will do our best to evaluate your claim and file appeals on your behalf based on the outcome.

Step 6:

Payment & Invoicing

Once you receive a check, we will send you an invoice for a percentage of whatever we collected. If we did not collect anything then there is no fee whatsoever for using our services as we work strictly on a 20% contingency. 

Factors That Determine A Successful Outcome

While our patient advocates will do our best to pursue the best outcome, there are some factors that may qualify or disqualify your case from being taken on by our team of patient advocates. 

No Upfront Fees

All patient advocacy services are performed on a contingency only basis. We either win together or we lose together.

Insurance Coverage

Our patient advocates will evaluate your insurance policy and set up a free consultation to discuss your level of coverage and benefits. 


Most insurance payers and providers have defined timelines on when claims can be appealed before going to collections.

Financial Obligation

We have the best rate of success for cases where the financial obligation is $3,000-$5,000 or more, and do not take on cases for less than that amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

The experts at Medical Bill Gurus have over twenty years of experience in helping patients work through the complex structures associated with the insurance process.

Have more questions? Give us a call anytime at 1-800-674-7836 or email us at [email protected]


If you would like to schedule a free consultation to learn more about our medical billing services, submit the form below, and our medical billing experts will be in touch.


The average medical practice and patient do not have the time, resources or experience to fully capture underpayments, omissions, or error results in unnecessary financial losses. Let our experts navigate the coding and submission of your insurance billing situation and figure out the best way to advocate for your financial interests.


Our medical billing experts are available to jump on a call anytime to discuss your problem or situation, and consult you on the solutions we provide to patients and medical professionals.






Office Locations

Houston Office:

525 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Suite #246
Houston, Texas, 77060

Denver Office:

3000 Lawrence Street Suite #15
Denver, CO 80205

Tampa Office:

260 1st Ave S, Suite #34
St Petersburg, Florida 33701


Our team of experts is available to help you, click the button to the right to start a conversation today.

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