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Some Words From Our Clients

Ahmad-Zaid-CEO-Atrium-Hospital Physician Advocacy

By recovering denials, discounts, and “Silent PPO Abuse” activity in our closed files (from as far back as three years, no less), Medical Bill Gurus, improved our reimbursements and helped us safeguard against future losses. Subsequently, our systems are more efficient now, and that helps us help patients. This, to me, is the ultimate reward, an that seems to make more “sense” than just dollars.

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Had I known about Medical Bill Gurus 30 years ago, I would have had the opportunity to impact the lives of more patients. I initially agreed to contract with Medical Bill Gurus because of the lack of financial risk associated with the lack of financial risk associated with the auditing process. Within three months, I was extremely pleased with my decision to work with Medical Bill Gurus. Their level of professionalism and attention to claim details increased my managed care collections by over 30%. Medical Bill Gurus recovered millions of dollars I would have never known was collectable and had written off as “part of the job”. I absolutely recommend their service.

Dr. Charles Rogers, MD
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